As the hair and beauty industry continues to boom across the United Kingdom, including Edinburgh hairdressers, opening a hairdressing business can be an exciting opportunity with plenty of prospects. Being successful in this sector requires careful planning, patience, and hard work, but if done right, it can provide great rewards. Here are some tips on how to start up an Edinburgh hairdresser company in the UK, tailored to the specific market in Edinburgh.


Your key to success will come from advertising your services effectively so that people know about you. Working with the local press or radio stations is one way to get the word out quickly as well as printing flyers, leaflets or postcards and distributing them doortodoor in different neighbourhoods or areas where potential customers live within reachable distance of your premises. You could also offer discounts for referrals which can help draw new customers too! Additionally, social media has become increasingly popular among businesses operating within this sector so why not use Facebook & Twitter more strategically?

Employing Staff

To ensure smooth operation, it’s essential that you employ suitable qualified stylists & technicians who have good customer service skills and technical creativity even if they are just starting out themselves all of which reflects positively upon any salons reputation too! It obviously helps if you interview experienced candidates but there is always room for fresh talent make sure their knowledge is current with fashion trends especially since research shows demand for hairstyling amongst younger generations has grown significantly over recent years due partly to increased disposable incomes & time spent at leisure activities such as going out socially etc.

Services Provided

As mentioned earlier offering specialized treatments alongside general cuts including colouring/highlighting/styling could widen appeal further whilst blog production (tutorials), product promotions plus events like competitions linked with the latest cutting edgy looks could prove a very effective marketing approach too enabling you to capitalize big time when trying raising brand profile even beyond city boundaries thanks currently a proliferation of smartphone apps these days onwards enabling customer access too! Allowing client service bookings via the website may save hassle on both sides while monetizing from special promotional packages every now and again thrown open members would intrinsically recognize loyalty awarded loyal repeat cutters (& saving queue queues) Special offers on specific range products accredited establishments gaining needed attention hopefully before the end then ultimately helping winning culture heavy competition indeed   particular space featuring online marketplace discounted deals added bonus leading scope creating income sum parts indeed attempt diversifying portfolio deservingly utilised wise decision maker.

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