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Come and visit the former home of Emmeline Pankhurst and see where the Suffragette movement started!

Emmeline Pankhurst moved to 62 Nelson Street in 1898 along with her daughters Adela, Christabel and Sylvia, as well as her son Harry, after the death of her husband Richard.

An outspoken supporter of women’s rights, Emmeline Pankhurst founded the organisation that was to lead the campaign for the rights of women to vote:

“It was in October, 1903, that I invited a number of women to my house in Nelson Street, Manchester for the purposes of organisation. We voted to call our new society the Women’s Social and Political Union.” Emmeline Pankhurst, In My Own Words.

The WSPU went on to be labelled as the Suffragettes and led a successful campaign that resulted in all women gaining the vote in 1928.

Today The Pankhurst Centre houses a Heritage Centre dedicated to the Pankhurst’s. Visitors can explore the parlour where the WSPU began as well as learning all about the Suffragettes of Manchester. The Heritage Centre is open Monday-Thursday from 10am-4pm and entry is free, although donations are welcome.

The rest of The Pankhurst Centre is a women’s community centre which provides and offers space for activities and events run by women for women. It offers a unique place in which women can learn together, work on projects and socialise. This vibrant centre plays host to a number of women’s organisations and projects that support women.

We host a free weekly women-only drop-in on Thursdays from 11am-4pm that is open to ALL women. It is a chance to come and join in with a variety of activities that are on offer, make new friends, and staff are on hand to help provide support for any problems you may be experiencing. You do not need to book a place in advance, just show up on the day.

For further information about visiting The Pankhurst Centre, attending our women-only drop-ins, becoming a volunteer or to browse our online shop, as well as other ways of supporting The Pankhurst Centre, then please visit our website: or call us on 0161 273 5673

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